Lix Lix

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A multiplayer version of the traditional Lemmings!

Version: 2015-08-09
Licence: Free
Publisher: Simon

Game screenshots:


Lix description:

Lix Lemmings, the classic Game of strategy and a concept similar to the early nineties, this game is a puzzle game. There’s no way a small group of people from one point to another, the different tasks instead of you put it.
At the time, the top you€™re depending on the different tasks you can assign: balance, jump, build bridges, dig a tunnel, the enemy Lix, etc can use baseball bats to attack.
Lix goals with the goal of getting all the men it can be played in single player mode but also in multiplayer mode may be played over the internet or LAN using a network. If you play this mode if you own Lix protect both the opponent and he will be destroyed.
The perfect game while adding a competitive multiplayer element that are running in lix it is a combination of strategy and puzzle a lot of fun, and the original Lemmings

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