Light Quest Light Quest

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A magical platform adventure!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Esti

Game screenshots:

Light Quest
Light Quest
Light Quest

Light Quest description:

Light Quest, using her magic wand of light rays to illuminate you control a wizard who is able and the ejection chamber 2D.
During the adventure through the game’s dungeons, only enemies who want to kill you right now sudden has to jump over as you encounter challenges, which this kind of game usually does not work. Also face ‘all the lights’ with an all powerful being who is able to turn will face. In this case, many of you fall into any of the pitfalls along the way unless you want to you have to do it this way, you can use the staff for a light.
The aim of the game is stay alive in addition to get as many points as possible. To do this, you should start opening hidden chests filled with jewels and precious stones. Of course with the help of the money that you find on the road.
The quest for light is a really interesting story with a new twist and some traditional gaming experience that provides beautiful, fun platform game.

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