Lemmings at war Lemmings at war

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Play Worms with Lemmings characters!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: E.Wenner

Game screenshots:

Lemmings at war description:

OKAY, lemmings and in the late 80s, made in the lead, the game was a big hit, but soon they lost their jobs and small fights broke out.
Grew bigger and those little fights and eventually War broke out.
This game will start like this. The two World War lemmings: Lemmings and worms blends old game. We’re going to play like a game of Lemmings soldier character created by a worm.
It’s not a great game, but the idea is nice. You will be able to choose your side and battle, but the first two game modes: Team Death Match and capture the flag select.

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