Legends of Yore Legends of Yore

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Sacking dungeons is a lot of fun!!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Coke and Code

Game screenshots:

Legends of Yore
Legends of Yore
Legends of Yore

Legends of Yore description:

Formerly The Legend is a role-playing game, in which you can go to different dungeons deep and find all the treasure to kill all the enemies you see while taking a portable design with a sub-genre. The usual stuff.
Normally it would be absurd and contradictory, formerly Legends developers themselves, but in this case that seems pretty accurate portable design with comfortable, is defined as. Because aside from the usual problems of this type, it also has some elements which makes it easier to find.
Basically, the old legends can be controlled almost exclusively with the mouse, and you die, don’t lose its character as instead of the usual, just some experience you can choose to continue and lose or objects in your inventory.
A really fun design with the old legends portable. (Character move without pointing) no graphics with complex animations, although it is still a game more addictive and engaging thanks to more permissive norm.

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