Legendary Stuntman Run Legendary Stuntman Run

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Become the best competitor to run this obstacle course!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Tapinator

Game screenshots:

Legendary Stuntman Run
Legendary Stuntman Run
Legendary Stuntman Run

Legendary Stuntman Run description:

Legendary Stuntman clumsy Classic Summer Run is a fun skill to play a contestant in a television program-based game. On a platform suspended over a pool of water filled with obstacles and your task is to make.
To get through the different levels you need to learn some basic controls: swipe your finger down, tap it once and go upstairs and jump down to the floor. All of these movements can be used at any point in the level. A preset amount of time to make it to the finish line,“only you’ll have to start all over again or you lose three lives * you can take as long as you want.
Legendary stuff in stunt Run you the exact levels get harder and harder, and will have to work to show your skills cause dizziness. The most difficult obstacles to overcome, challenges not fail the obstacle course competitor and emerge as the best in the series, you can try to use all the boosters.

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