LBreakout2 LBreakout2

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Build your own levels in this great Breakout/Arkanoid clone!

Version: 2.5.1
Licence: GNU
Publisher: LGames

Game screenshots:


LBreakout2 description:

LBreakout2 Dec a very similar game,by the new name that it was essential to make sure you don’t forget another famous game and a game that was released in 1976.
LBreakout2 spaceship control a bouncing ball on the screen and you will see this is positioned to move the ship to make the ball bounce to destroy the bricks above. When the ball touched a brick disappears. Sometimes a brick to destroy an object if it releases, if you receive extra bass, extra lives, energy, weapons, and more ship power.
That are created by users and more why there are those that are more than 50 levels in the original mode at first it seems easy, but it’s getting harder, and as you know, this type of game you hooked for hours.
Lastly, create your own levels, the game is taking place in the rest of the users and it’s easy and fun to share with.

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