Last of the Patriots Last of the Patriots

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Is being a patriot worth all this?!

Version: 1.4.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Paul Davis

Game screenshots:

Last of the Patriots
Last of the Patriots
Last of the Patriots

Last of the Patriots description:

Doesn’t focus on the war itself, but it takes place in a future where the Patriots fought the last battle is action and adventure game. Instead, the relevant effects are those who fight the war.
Sergeant Johnson, who lost a routine task for the entire team emergency landing, you will control a man. After that, to see how the enemy would react to the story in the background of a flashback and you will learn.
During the game your goal, then, as a soldier facing real problems such as alcoholism and lack of self confidence Johnson such as complex structures. Of course, also from time to time you’ll have to shoot to survive, but neither the main nor the most important part.
Last of the Patriots is a very special game. Despite the lackluster graphics, the average fighting game has a better story and a much more interesting message.

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