Lair of the Madhat Lair of the Madhat

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A free, high-quality dungeon crawler!

Licence: Free
Publisher: ManyHat

Game screenshots:

Lair of the Madhat
Lair of the Madhat
Lair of the Madhat

Lair of the Madhat description:

This adds a mysterious and unknown dungeon in search of treasure Madhat tells the story of three friends who venture to a pure Diablo-style dungeon crawler. The game can be alone or with a friend.
Three different character classes: Warrior, scout, and mage you can choose. Which is the best for close combat first to jump on that and there are various capabilities that can attack and instantly. His second is better with a bow and good for long distances, and the third is a spell that is appropriate for any situation.
The base game, Diablo 2, and is similar to games such as lanterns. Wanted to gain experience and level up enough to get rid of them all while the enemy-filled dungeons, traps, and other hazards, you can proceed to.
Visually speaking, the game is exceptional and adds madhat is to be expected in any commercial. The different special effects and character design looks absolutely amazing.
This simple but fun RPG that adds a Madhat. Fun to play alone, but online with a friend it would be better.

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