La Rolloux La Rolloux

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Skate and shoot your way to the finish line!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: NAL

Game screenshots:

La Rolloux
La Rolloux

La Rolloux description:

La sleeves, a straight line in three different ways to dodge them jumping, sliding to the ground, or to shoot them on a road that is full of obstacles from a moving platform arcade game.
And the amazing thing about La rollup unique control system. Just use the mouse to perform all the different actions you have to. The character automatically moves to a straight line, and depending on the gesture you made with the mouse, will perform one or another action.
Move your mouse slipping down on the floor jumped, up and move if you move to the right shoots. In this way, low fences, high fences and glass doors you can find three types of barriers can be avoided.
La is a fun game with several elements that make it unique rollup. On the one hand, the controls are a novelty, on the other hand, both graphics and music are excellent.

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