La Mulana La Mulana

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Action and platform with a taste of MSX!

Licence: Free
Publisher: GR3 Projec

Game screenshots:

La Mulana
La Mulana

La Mulana description:

Mulan is a classic La sound direction and that is designed for the MSX platform game. The actual effect of the period, most of the big ones Galious ‘Maze’ a’.
Small characters to do various actions throughout the adventure, from one side to another (required), as you jump up, avoid the pitfalls, and above all, (more weapons and objects (though) use a whip to defend itself against all kinds of enemies.
The game is quite long and all artifacts and objects to find the total hours you will have to discover a thing that can take more than twenty many open areas.
La Mulan, big pleasure totally free great retro game. There’s more than 20 hours in entertainment for free with just a click!

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