La aventura de Numa La aventura de Numa

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Get Numa to the end of each level in time!

Licence: GNU
Publisher: Numa Team

Game screenshots:

La aventura de Numa
La aventura de Numa
La aventura de Numa

La aventura de Numa description:

Numa Adventure, located at the bottom right of the screen, which you have to defeat each level before the time runs out is a fun platform game.
To insert the game€™s controls are amazing, you need to combine different keys and control the mouse movements with Numa. Numa arrow keys, space jumps and moves with you.
There is also a small turbo mouse which is activated by turning it counterclockwise Numa; Numa will start glowing yellow aura.
Numa messages that appear at the top right of the screen, the power point when you’re close to know. Turbo jump and a reach in the fields of energy enable.
There are multiple levels you can unlock as you advance in the adventure game Numa.

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