Kung Fu 2 Kung Fu 2

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Kicks and punches right and left!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Retro Remakes Competition

Game screenshots:

Kung Fu 2
Kung Fu 2
Kung Fu 2

Kung Fu 2 description:

Karnataka is a classic 2D action game Kung Fu 2 that are very similar. In this game, waves of enemies to stop the hero on his adventure to save your girlfriend have to face.
To defend yourself, the two main attack buttons: punch and kick. At the same time, and do a jump attack when there are enemies like certain special moves – basic squat.
At the beginning of the game you’re fighting against people just a dojo. But as you progress the game gets more complicated, you have to fight all sorts of supernatural enemies.
Kung Fu 2 is a very entertaining game. Super Nintendo€“straight back to the 90s style graphics and simple game play will take.

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