Kong Kong

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Really good and free top-down shooter game!

Version: 1.1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kong Team

Game screenshots:


Kong description:

Kong monkeys there is a large amount of weapons, and the enemies they are ready to blow up, but a normal Monkey where you play the role of a top-down 3D shooter game, of course,
You can play against your own computer, but the true potential of the game against the monkeys that are controlled by users from anywhere in the world there will be many battles multiplayer capacity. Great, there are many types of weapons and health packs, the Monkey you have to get the power and win the war.
The flag, Deathmatch and Team Battle, catch, He, rocket launchers and more, katana, machine guns, there is a game mode that you will use a cocktail of banana.
Finally if you want to get rid of the ones included if 25, Kong includes a map editor, so your sceneries your own concrete.

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