Knytt Knytt

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Will Knytt find her way back home?!

Version: 1.0.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Nifflas

Game screenshots:


Knytt description:

The object, a horrible day, a spaceship kidnapped by a young girl who is the object of independent play 2D platform game. In outer space while sailing, the ship crashes on another planet crash have such bad luck. Your goal, on the surface of this mysterious planet for a time, to find a way back home.
To accomplish this task, only rarely seen in this genre jumping and climbing skills are impressive some of the LeT’s move, you can rely on. A short jump to the object if it falls back on since you’ll be able to grab and climb the wall normally means that he will die.
With that said, Just because you can capture the wall, the object does not mean that is child’s play. Adventure and exploration of the game huge open world elements and the more difficult turns at home with a few simple jumps. In fact, their skills will be put to the test.
Despite the old graphics and simple of the object, especially to fans of adventure will enjoy the story, especially the graphic scenes (thank you) very entertaining platform game that offers a gaming experience full of exciting moments.

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