Ivan Fuckoff Ivan Fuckoff

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Battle to the death against invading aliens!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Wolod

Game screenshots:

Ivan Fuckoff
Ivan Fuckoff
Ivan Fuckoff

Ivan Fuckoff description:

Ivan who go the world to hell an alien attack upon due notice, streets, and played an interesting character who decides to go to war is an action-platform game.
Commander Keen and Duke Nukem-style action with a touch of 2 1 2D, despite being portable, go with Ivan and some design elements. Levels, for example, random generated every time you start a game, so we’ll play the same games, but never both.
During the adventure, the hero (name) Ivan go almost twenty different weapons to use and a few dozen hats to wear, and also features the last six bosses in order to defeat his pending custom levels for you –â you can change all that.
The technical level of the game is also remarkable Pixel arta€“excellent style graphics and chiptune soundtrack, composed by Oskar Handberg is due.
Ivan GO, action, platform, portable design is a perfect blend. Besides being bright and fun game, it’s a funny story that will give you a good laugh or two and some extra non-playable characters offers.

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