Isopark Isopark

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A walk in the park? Not exactly.!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Ultimate Walrus

Game screenshots:


Isopark description:

Ispark playing 2D platformers with perspective to give a unique gaming experience completely different than the more traditional bird’s eye view platform game.
The target, which jumps to climb, and to hang a pipe you have to jump platforms and collect the stars scattered to large level. Once you will find all the stars, open the door and retrieve the key necessary to finish the game.
Theoretically €“ but this is not just wishful thinking, in practice, you will need a lot of skill to get the stars over Ispark after about ten minutes you can play. Fortunately, you get a star every time you save the game whenever you want so that you can continue.
ISO a striking aesthetic different but very fun platform game. With a few years under their belt already, especially for players of this kind are appealing.

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