Ion Racer Ion Racer

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Deathly futuristic races!

Version: 1.0.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: SGN

Game screenshots:

Ion Racer
Ion Racer
Ion Racer

Ion Racer description:

Epic futuristic racer wipeout is a racing game similar to the classic look and feel ion. In this game, you will compete in races against tons of enemies at breakneck speeds. When it comes to winning, anything goes.
Includes the game show your skills in different ways, but most that affect performance select one of the control type. (Expert players or touch screen controls for new players), you can use your device’s accelerometer.
Ion Racer drive and plenty of different parts and tools available to destroy. Just be careful because you will have to pay for the total repair of your vehicle. Fortunately, every time you win a race you get paid.
Ion Racer that manages to emulate the feeling of speed on your iOS device right incredible fun racing game. The game has excellent graphics and helps to immerse you in the experience.

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