Inertial Bash Inertial Bash

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An arcade game where inertia is your best weapon!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Visidious

Game screenshots:

Inertial Bash
Inertial Bash
Inertial Bash

Inertial Bash description:

Inertial Bash is just started to rebel against the humans who realized that the robots produced in the factory armed with a giant hammer, Amos Rogerson, engineer to play action game.
Inertial bash is the most attractive feature is the combat system. Amos control the movement of the keyboard with the mouse, except for the control arms. I want to return to a giant hammer destroying everything in your path as fast as you can.
The game Hammerfight, use the momentum to fight the enemies is quite similar to another game. Industrial complex like this to make your way through various sizes of robots and the fight will be trying to break them into a million pieces.
As you play, keep upgrading your hammer. It’s not too big at first, but you can continue to add pieces until a knife like a giant … or even different.
Inertial Bash is an action game with a touch of fun and surprisingly unique combat system role. It can be difficult to overcome at first, but once you do, you will love it.

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