Industry Player Industry Player

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Create and run your own company in this virtual economy!

Version: 6.20
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Tycoon Systems

Game screenshots:

Industry Player
Industry Player
Industry Player

Industry Player description:

When you see the word Tycoon, I noticed that we’re going to see a good Inupiaq, and this time, the highest Sunday share and a company simulator where you will be able to gain wealth will face.
Players playing Industry, our company is a really well designed world where you have to beat the opponents and be the best we will find.
In accordance with the same purpose in a virtual economy with thousands of other players, because we’re going to play something different this time.
$10,000,000 in capital, you start the game with. I>new company <the first thing you will have to do. 225 product licenses to choose one of virtual selection and build the future. Being a CEO of a company operating globally and 5, you will manage the company.
10 game as you progress through levels, investments and manage your credit rating, capacity to expand and react to competitors to defend companies against hostile takeovers have the ability to work. Remember, like a real business
Pleasure Players in the industry, the most realistic trading game.

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