Indie Action Indie Action

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Characters from independent games face off!

Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: Garlic Guy

Game screenshots:

Indie Action
Indie Action
Indie Action

Indie Action description:

Several characters play as one of the most famous independent download action out there in some games and others who fight against Super Smash Bros is a fighting game on line two-dimensional.
Shut the fuck up existing characters dishwasher, Aquaria, Iji, Barkley, and jam or theft Trilby: Art: heroes. A shotgun shooting range basketball shooting each their own special moves which you can perform.
There are several different game modes download Action, so melee style, in teams, two players or four players can fight on the same screen. There are different levels for the fight and more than a dozen.
We should note that this game is designed especially for all the characters and all of them have excellent animation.
Download PC Action game: Super Smash Bros.-style action running games a huge void to fill a large two-dimensional fighting game.

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