In Between In Between

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A platformer with a transcendental background!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Gentlymad

Game screenshots:

In Between
In Between
In Between

In Between description:

In between, for some reason, a 2D platform game where you play a character in a hospital bedridden. But your body lying on the bed, his mind where fantasy worlds to solve the puzzle.
In the mind of the character have to pass a series of portals. To reach them, go through a maze of spikes and filled with all sorts of traps to help you there is a device just gravity.
With this device you can change the direction of gravity to help you through each level. To move a stone block in front of you so you can’t jump, for example, you’ll have to change the direction of gravity in the correct order, one of the problems in this game.
Visually speaking, Between a fantastic game. Both settings and characters drawn with a nice finish a level or Time style and special effects will enhance the atmosphere of the game.
The visual style of the game is very original, and very interesting 2B is located between them.

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