Imperia Imperia

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Turn-based strategy on a cosmic scale!

Version: 0.401b
Licence: Free
Publisher: texashawk76

Game screenshots:


Imperia description:

Aras, (the wonders of Civilization, master of magic, age) 4X sub-type are located within although, to be sure to add an additional X, and in doing so, first 5 was so far the turn-based strategy game.
‘4X’ means ‘eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and spraying adds an existing port’.’ Why? Well, the players harbor carries all the weight of humanity on their shoulders, but also have their own personal issues to deal with youth who assume the role of an intergalactic Emperor.
Usually the player who controls the omniscient being who can do almost anything in this genre. Aras, however, the main characters will need to use it wisely there are a limited number of management points. There’s nothing wrong with the Empire, but at the same time it could mean that is character assassination.
Political intrigue aside, the players you will have to manage all the planets Harbor. Is bound by all these decisions and the residents’ welfare, technology, agriculture, and culture.
Aras is a high-potential-turn based strategy game and the graphics are a little crude, although an original concept that is truly bringing something new to the table.

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