Iji Iji

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Nanotechnology and aliens is the plot behind this platformer!

Version: 1.6
Licence: Free
Publisher: Daniel Remar

Game screenshots:


Iji description:

Tase family was attacked by a group of aliens called the hero of this story Iji with these inquiries, visited the center.
Iji injured in the attack, becomes a cyborg. This is the most current Nanotechnological developments have also given to him. This allows the use of different abilities and different alien weapon throughout the game.
Crater is the name of the TASE must meet and convince you to leave this place. The weapons you start with a nano pistol.
Under what keys you will use to control the Z while in the air to destroy to destroy objects IJI; Down Arrow The Up arrow to jump; X to fire; C use reading and cyborg known as stations.
IJI Cyborg abilities in each level there are different panels that allow you to improve the following stations:
Assimilation: the ability of armor and weapons to increase the power to regain
– Attack: nano-weapon power determine
Iji’s punch power: power to determine
– TASE: lets you acquired a new weapon
– Komato: gun
this kind of allows you to use

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