Ice Ice

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Add games from any console to your Steam client!

Version: c5c401
Licence: Free
Publisher: Scott Rice

Game screenshots:


Ice description:

Your Steam account easily this ice Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Nintendo Game Cube, PlayStation or Dreamcast is a small tool that allows you to add numerous video games consoles like. You can run the client just by clicking on it.
Official website of the program on the configuration page is very simple and a step by step process is well described; however, basically the ROM you can find and folders that you want to use by selecting the folder that contains the different points occurs. Here’s this.
Of course, in different ways, different consoles you have to download emulators and Rom. Ice is their only tool, and includes any additional files. In any case, for the majority of consoles emulators and Rom’s finding is not a problem.
ICE, small size, and a blank interface, with Easy Steam is a small application that allows you to enjoy hundreds of classic video games. Final Fantasy VI, Shenmue, Shining Force, Super Smash Bros… any game, which may account to stream.

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