I Miss the Sunrise I Miss the Sunrise

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An atypical RPG, set in the future!

Version: 1.51
Licence: Free
Publisher: Deltree

Game screenshots:

I Miss the Sunrise description:

I miss role playing game created with RPG Maker VX sunrise. Unlike most titles that are created with this engine, modern style, similar to Mass Effect, have to fight strategic battles with space ships.
At the beginning of the adventure, design your own character, birth, temperament, or mentality, you will be able to customize the information such as the location of. Both of these factors affect your performance outside of the war.
By establishing contact with other pilots and I miss the sunrise is a big part of the characters personality and your relationship with them depends on the quality of your relationships greatly.
You ’space ship and weapons you can also easily add the name as desired, you will find many options to customize.
Of Sunrise an atypical RPG with a unique combat system and a casual atmosphere, though I miss games like Mass Effect might lead you to believe. Additionally, the game a free RPG, available for download on Uptodown) Re-pioneer.

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