HyperRogue III HyperRogue III

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A unique experience among roguelikes!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Z

Game screenshots:

HyperRogue III
HyperRogue III
HyperRogue III

HyperRogue III description:

Hyper rogue III, your goal is to get as much money and gems as possible before you die with a special design, very portable. To die is not optional: the game can end only when you’re.
Also trying to find the treasure, the game is very simple, more traditional in roguelikes is much more simple: you can choose to move the cell using the mouse. Attract you will find more treasure, more enemies.
This fight is very simple: kill your first enemy to attack first but if they do, you’re dead. It really is that simple. The beginning of the game because there is always room to move, so it is almost impossible. But more monsters appear, the less you have to move to the free cells.
Hyper rogue III is a game with unique and original gameplay. Unlike most games of this type, from the first moment you started playing to enjoy a simple experience.

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