Hymn of the Sands Hymn of the Sands

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Diablo-style role-playing and action in ancient Egypt!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: dustinxdavis

Game screenshots:

Hymn of the Sands
Hymn of the Sands
Hymn of the Sands

Hymn of the Sands description:

In the divine struggle against the forces of evil to save the lost sand of his immortality in ancient Egypt Osiris the Egyptian god will be in control of A ‘action RPG’ is set.
The style of the game is quite similar to titles like Diablo or torchlight. In other words, you need to advance through a dungeon that is filled with traps and enemies, old and escape finishing second.
As you move through the catacombs of Egypt, you will discover new abilities that can connect to different buttons on the mouse or gamepad. Form balls of fire, or there are lots of group play and special attacks or even normal attack, different attacks.
Between the living world and the dead zone can change at any time Sands’ one of the most distinctive features is divine. Like Soul Reaper, you will be able to change reality by simply pressing a button.
The graphics, the Unreal Engine is surprisingly good thanks divine of sand. Character models, lighting effects, textures, and all is quite impressive.
The game is a lot of sand divine character of Diablo-style role plays. Fun game and great graphics.

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