hocus. hocus.

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Puzzles to play with your vantage points and perspective!

Version: 1.9.9
Licence: Free
Publisher: gamebra.in

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hocus. description:

Hocus. the players in just the right place to move a small red box is a puzzle game. It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, every scene a real challenge in the game from somewhere other than a box to make moving simple for a task it may appear much more difficult as soon as you notice that these figures Escherian starts.
There are several different levels and each goal the game is exactly the same. Get the red box in the right hole. Watch out for that! Level-advanced level starts to become increasingly difficult as you beat your way through. Initially, the first few scenes are relatively small and manageable, so that you will be able to complete them in two or three moves. As you make your way up the ranks, however, things get more difficult. Each level will be larger than the one before and requires much more movement.
Hocus is the main objection. with only a few levels to try even though it sounds at the same time, there is a level editor feature. This editor create your own scenes and share them with other gamers through; allow them to face off in an almost unlimited number of levels.
General Hocus. fun, visual like the original game an excellent puzzle game which is very nice. In short, perfect for any real fan of the puzzle is the title.

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