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Create character sheets for several RPGs!

Version: 8.1
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Lone Wolf Development

Game screenshots:

Hero Lab
Hero Lab
Hero Lab

Hero Lab description:

Hero Lab Shadowrun (sixth and seventh editions) Cthulhu, world of darkness, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, among others such as search for a program that allows many different pages to create RPG character.
All you need to do to get into the system and create a character sheet, fill in the appropriate fields. Depending on the game, either on the page or just creating a character however you want to get a different type of filler, you may be able to period.
Creating character pages, as well as Hero Lab only has a good selection of tools for game management purposes. Thanks to the stats for any monster or NPC quickly create entries for these extras take a look at.
Hero Lab is a very useful program to play any game. You will find many interesting tools will be especially useful for Game Management.

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