Hermes-Run Hermes-Run

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Run fast and dodge obstacles to deliver your package!

Version: 1.6
Licence: Free
Publisher: Hermes Logistik Gruppe

Game screenshots:

Hermes-Run description:

Hermes-the city that works to deliver a package to a courier who needs to get to a certain point in a simple video game that you need to check.
To advance, use your device’s accelerometer, bows and jump by pressing anywhere on the screen.
Rabies cats must jump over your path, unless you want plastered on the ground to finish, and I don’t want to even move the car, annoying birds, such as the elderly and women there will be tons of obstacles along the way.
If you play if for a long time (especially in the later levels that require you to go from one city to another), you are likely to get sick, but Hermes-Work is a fun game to kill time.

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