Hello World Hello World

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A whole universe to explore!

Version: 0.8
Licence: Free
Publisher: Pretentious Games

Game screenshots:

Hello World
Hello World
Hello World

Hello World description:

Target 2B cosmonaut to explore a small universe and planets finds a Hello World control.
The game is divided into two main sections. The first planets to explore by foot, any normal platform game. That said, continue to adjust the light that lets you see the path in front of you.
In the second section you can travel on a space ship. By using different controls, you can travel to other planets to discover them. The ship isn’t particularly difficult to fly, but landing it can be very difficult.
Hello world 16-bit-era classic of discovery and fun and reminiscent of a nice platform game. It’s definitely a really fun game great graphics and Game Play Don’t be like that.

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