Haunted Dreams Haunted Dreams

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Psychological terror and a flood of blood!

Licence: Demo

Game screenshots:

Haunted Dreams
Haunted Dreams
Haunted Dreams

Haunted Dreams description:

Haunted Dreams, to be on the verge of death, losing your partner after you take it to the edge of the Cliff began to suffer from delusions, Alex Brooks, you play a detective first-person action horror game.
Quite the prisoner, adventure, first person follow you as defending yourself with improvised weapon against the tyranny of the many who you will find you’ll have to go through tons of dark corridors and rooms similar to the game.
The game is quite short, only a few hours with a period of mediocre graphics. Still, thanks to the dark and bloody aesthetic, the finished product is good.
Haunted Dreams, being developed by an independent studio with limited resources, despite some moments of authentic terror is a very entertaining game for the players, transport successful.

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