Ham Sandwich RPG Ham Sandwich RPG

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The only RPG starring a sandwich!

Licence: Free
Publisher: SinisterDesign

Game screenshots:

Ham Sandwich RPG
Ham Sandwich RPG
Ham Sandwich RPG

Ham Sandwich RPG description:

Ham sandwich RPG, ham sandwich and more delicious for the spice of adventure find yourself outgoing, she played a role-playing game. Unfortunately, because of disagreements with the king, is sent to the dungeons you will have to run straight away.
Place, time, and escape traps since you’ll be jumping to the ground most of the game is very similar to the average platform. Also playing but soon you will get more health points and level up and kill enemies in order that after you start you will find a sword.
Be able to play the game because it’s fun, besides being one of the most attractive elements have a sense of humor. The complex issues of this series have put a ham sandwich in the face shoe it’s not without reason.
Ham sandwich RPG is a fun and easy to catch on with a different approach from the start a very strange game, but it’s a game. The best part? Free and is quite short.

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