Hale Hale

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Role-play and strategy in the world of Wesnoth!

Version: 0.6.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jared Stephen

Game screenshots:


Hale description:

Hale, Wesnoth, fantastic engine and a war setting, taking advantage of their own character and story outside of the original game with a completely new development offers a turn-based RPG.
The part of the main game menu, you can select the campaign you want to play. In other words, depending on previous experience, the tutorial before the first or literally) it is recommended to start Chapter 3 (you can start playing.
Hale, you’ll notice that when it’s time to clearly make war shares many common elements with Battle for Wesnoth. Still, as the story develops, the more there are many things that belong to the role of more traditional strategy games.
A group of adventurers to increase the number of characters, or change their equipment (armor, weapons, potions, etc.). In addition, in some cases, you have the option to select different dialogue options.
Make the interface rough sometimes, despite an interesting story line and presents a great challenge and extremely fun turn-based RPG.

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