Hakchi2 Hakchi2

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Tool to install ROMs on your Super Nintendo Mini!

Version: 2.20
Licence: Free
Publisher: ClusterM

Game screenshots:


Hakchi2 description:

Super Nintendo Mini Hakchi2 when you install a new ROM, is a comfortable, fast and safe is a program that helps in a way. The program guide setup steps are necessary: connect the console to your computer and â€Start€™ and â€reseta€™ contains a tutorial that will help you click the button.
One of the best features Hakchi2 super intuitive interface. ROM â€games€™ is as simple as clicking the Add button and select the ROM you want to promote. Their interface if you add a cover, select the number of players, and add details such as the date of this release and the producer.
Once you€™re for Mini Super Nintendo ROM, just â€invoking€™ is done, click on the button. Then followed a short tutorial and a small console will be ready for you to enjoy and is often used in.
Hakchi2€™s a vehicle for everyone who wants to add a few new games for a console is pretty much a must have for any Super Nintendo Mini user. Although this program is fairly easy to use, you€™re not careful to keep in mind that if your console can damage it.

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