GunRox GunRox

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Lead your troop and annihilate all your enemies!

Version: 1.31
Licence: Free
Publisher: EnKord

Game screenshots:


GunRox description:

If war strategy games, turn-based, like the patient no longer has a special place on your computer, which is one of the games Gunrox.
Great graphics, the next game, but not long enough to allow the enemy to get bored while waiting for it gives you the chance to be bored because it is really very realistic, but a very good turn-based game system.
You need to create your account for free game Gunrox – of course – customize your soldier and three soldiers first. Choose hair and skin color, T-shirts, shoes, pants, and give them a name. You’ll be ready to go to war once a soldier will be created.
Movement, interaction, Arsenal, in the field of, find, or kill the enemy you open 10 chests and bags that can be used with action points each turn for each character. Choose your path, with different AP power consumption and more than 40 different weapons, each choose a weapon because it is one that you will use. shotgun, Uzi, grenades, cannons…
Heal yourself using healing kits, or an Arsenal for storing really important and decisive and don’t forget, sometimes to win the war.
Hesitation,plan strategy, find a suitable weapon, the enemies and locate them, of course don’t have.

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