GunGirl 2 GunGirl 2

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GunGirl joins up with GunDude in a blood soaked adventure!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Paul in the Net

Game screenshots:

GunGirl 2
GunGirl 2
GunGirl 2

GunGirl 2 description:

Gungirl 2 in which players will be bloody and violent, zombie-filled adventure the man … full beard () GunGirl (the blond girl) or the day control in a 2D action platform game.
The game puts in the middle of a zombie apocalypse dead rise from their graves and began to. To put an end to the whole affair to kill all the zombies it is your duty to make himself a living hell.
During the adventure, only a total of (6) to get many different weapons, but at the same time you can gain experience used to develop the character. Enhance increase the performance of your gun or your life bar (ammo, power, etc increase.
In addition to the main mission, to explore some other scenarios in the game GunGirl, there are many side quests that will allow you to kill enemies and dozens more. Ultimately, five or six are enough looking to play for hours without getting bored.
Gungirl 2 is behind the first installment 2D action game in every respect extraordinary. Better gameplay, better graphics and a longer life: it really is a great game.

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