Grooh Grooh

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Pass all the tests to get to your treasure!

Version: 2.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: DigiDingo

Game screenshots:


Grooh description:

Grooh looks suspiciously Totoro Neighbour Totoro movie () that is managed by a monster that can be trained with which is a puzzle game. The goal of the game is to obtain a series of rooms filled with puzzles to get the treasure.
Grooh to find the treasure first USTA proceed you so much there are different rooms. Along the way, to break the colorful blocks in the process, we will have to solve a series of puzzles that require without falling.
Of course, it won’t be just breaking the block; at the same time, mixed with puzzles that will make it difficult for very important, irradiation, and other elements you’ll have to use.
And graphic aesthetic of this game is one of the best things doubt. This game is visually stunning with characters based off Miyazaki loose.
Grooh is a fun puzzle game with a wide range of situations and levels. While trying to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible to test your intelligence.

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