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Run and jump along the roofs of the city!

Licence: Free
Publisher: DoubleS

Game screenshots:


GRIP description:

GRIP your goal the game is started go to an orange ball hundreds of yards from the building, his position was up for grabs to the first person that the first and only platform.
Other similar games are much more interesting because the mechanical grip on any surface holding it. This is a wall you can jump over to, say, hit and falling like most platformers and instead, will stick to the surface.
You are able to grab onto the walls thanks to the fact, you can try to climb them in order to jump from the best platform for access. In fact, sometimes the most obvious route to climb up and jump to reach the side walls, the best place to go, there is no choice.
The grip is a very fun platform game. Thanks to the mechanics that allow you to jump and grab, that you see in games like mirror’s Edge offers a very different experience.

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