Grezzo 2 Grezzo 2

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The most beastly, offensive game ever!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Nic Piro

Game screenshots:

Grezzo 2
Grezzo 2
Grezzo 2

Grezzo 2 description:

2 Window on the street to give the players free rein to killer instincts which gun you decide to go open-source EDuke32 engine where you control a crazy man with teeth and developed using first-person shooting and action game.
The game uses tons of different gameplay elements the nineties. Blood Redneck Rampage Duke Nukem or Shadow Warrior, you’ll see games like weapons, character models, raised Hexen or heretic-the-scenes, and much more.
You’ll find a crazy assortment have the advantage of a gun. Shotgun, machine gun, flamethrower or gun types you can use. However, at the same time, voodoo dolls, and find weapons such as slow motion or the rakes will be even basketball.
Almost all of the scenes in the game, different vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, in addition to being able to walk, which means killing everything they see urban. When you do this, you can see any enemy can run on Carmageddon style.
There are different game modes, 2 window. In order to advance through the different levels in Story Mode, allows you to confront the final bosses. Survival mode, on the other hand, puts you face against endless waves of enemies. Finally, it gives us a chance to show your skills in the online mode via the internet.
2 Window a very aggressive game from every angle, and extremely rude. Will find a fan base so loyal. Either way, very fun game.

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