Grey Phobia Grey Phobia

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Guns and machetes in black and white!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Blackturn

Game screenshots:

Grey Phobia
Grey Phobia
Grey Phobia

Grey Phobia description:

Grey phobia is to face countless hordes of enemies, different weapons, including two hand to hand weapons and Firearms Control a zombie apocalypse survivor is a third-person action game.
The mechanics of the game are very simple: you can only move forward and side to side do the camera located on the back of the character. The different scenes have to face your enemies and advance in the game by doing this.
Players can use different weapons to fight off the zombies. You need to get close to a zombie to kill them quickly. this is not a good idea, you can use a knife to do this. Instead, they allow you to kill them from a safe distance, you can use a shotgun or machine gun.
As you advance through the adventure, some of the characteristics of your character, which moves their weapons, health or speed, such as you can develop. The Last Hero will be quite useful for this slowly the first act.
Grey phobia is also a lot of fun third person action game with outstanding graphics. Black and white with a comic book aesthetic in a manner that is direct and with fun graphics, it fits perfect.

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