Gravity Bone Gravity Bone

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You are a secret agent in a curious mission!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Brendon Chung

Game screenshots:

Gravity Bone
Gravity Bone
Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone description:

Gravity Bone secret agent who has to solve different cases we’ll take the role of a platform game.
In the first case, for example, which will transpire in the road dressed as a waiter for a party that we need to take some pictures in a second and will serve a guest a glass of a specific poison.
The game, played the game for most of the time in a similar way the classic platform shooters and point&click games will remind you played the first one though. To jump from platform to platform, use objects to assist them in that search.
Free graphics separate from Gravity Bone a strange, funny and fun game. Give it a try.

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