Gravitation Gravitation

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An important metaphor in video game format!

Version: 3.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jason Rohrer

Game screenshots:


Gravitation description:

Shooting decisions and it’s consequences: the video game metaphor is expressed in a quite original way.
With this analogy in mind, everything you see on the screen divided by the shooting and the actions of the game, metaphor, and the video game he’s making up a message. In-depth to explain each player’s individual experiences depends a lot on, so just try it and report your own results is probably best.
Like most of Jason Rohrer’s games, great graphics have a retro style with rough pixels and animations, excellent graphics at the heart of this game without giving too much importance to the message they are trying to give.
Everyone that you should experiment with gravity is a great experience. Of course, the level of entertainment you get from him is not the same as a classic video game. Instead, you’ll get a gaming experience much more important.

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