Golden Axe Myths Golden Axe Myths

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A remake of a SEGA classic!

Licence: Free
Publisher: SenileTeam

Game screenshots:

Golden Axe Myths
Golden Axe Myths
Golden Axe Myths

Golden Axe Myths description:

Golden Axe Myths passages and 16-bit consoles for the new version of Golden Axe classic action game.
Four different characters, each with unique abilities and special weapons you can choose. You can even play with a couple of friends on a single computer. A dwarf, an Amazon, and your warrior to the victory two characters.
Both the game and the enemies is very similar to the original game. Normal attacks, Jump, use magic, and all shapes, sizes and colors you can fight bullies. Soldiers wearing heavy armor for Giants with the hammer … it’s all there.
This version of the chart is quite different. Character models are done very well-there is a cartoon-like aesthetic, but overall the violence in the game doesn’t match.
Golden Axe Myths for entertainment, a game like that never goes out of style in a lot of hours, this really is a fun game.

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