Golden Axe Genesis Golden Axe Genesis

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The origin of the legendary Golden Axe!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: SEEP

Game screenshots:

Golden Axe Genesis
Golden Axe Genesis
Golden Axe Genesis

Golden Axe Genesis description:

Genesis Golden Axe-Golden Axe is a action game that is generated by the fans of the series. Golden Axe Myth takes many elements from other games of the series to tell a story and to discover the origin of uses.
Up to four players on the same computer or other human players alone players, and a dual mode that can be played with many different game modes, Story Mode forced you can choose between.
Golden Axe Genesis is a huge cast of characters, another installment of the series, plus some additional ones as the death Adder all the characters involved. Each of these characters, of course, has their own special abilities and qualities.
Dwarf, for example, Amazon is much more powerful hits. However, as everyone knows, Amazon’s Silver Dragon Magic Dwarf magic becomes more.
Golden Axe Genesis is a fun traditional action game. Lots of interesting new possibilities, a whole new game with four other people the ability to play story mode with traditional elements from the series to provide many uses.

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