GOG Galaxy GOG Galaxy

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The official GOG client!

Licence: Free
Publisher: GOG.com

Game screenshots:

GOG Galaxy
GOG Galaxy
GOG Galaxy

GOG Galaxy description:

Galaxy this service you can install and play all the games you have purchased on GOG (formerly good old games) GOG is the official client for. Obviously you can buy any of the other games.
The main function of the Galaxy GOG, makes life easier for users. Thus, such as Steam allows you to receive automatic updates for all installed games. You didn’t have to do this, but now especially the 3 51.it is very useful for the application as well as the more modern releases.
GOG Galaxy gog.com you can chat with friends who use and visit the forums directly to the client. In addition, for each game in a folder in the library, control and extra content, manuals, maps, drawings, music downloads, and much more you can do.
GOG Galaxy is GOG for games, especially because, unlike Steam or Origin, you don’t have to use it to play super interesting a customer. If you want you can also use GOG Galaxy, but if you don’t have an internet connection, or if you may opt for just a fantasy it’s not opening.

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