Gods of Olympus Gods of Olympus

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The ancient gods are at war!

Version: 3.0.20457
Licence: Free
Publisher: Aegis Interactive, LLC

Game screenshots:

Gods of Olympus
Gods of Olympus
Gods of Olympus

Gods of Olympus description:

You have to build a city the gods of Olympus strategy game Clash Of Clans that worship along the lines of one or more of the Greek gods, and faced the armies of the other players. When it comes to your city, temples, barracks, towers, walls, etc you have to create. Resources, Soldier Soldier and I need a lot of different buildings to defend yourself against enemy attacks.
Like Clash Of Clans, the gods of Olympus there are two very different game screens. Raise a hand you can develop different buildings and the city administration. On the other hand, you get sweet, you say what would I attack enemy cities. These attacks during the fight you can call on the gods to help you. Plus, you can’t give them a direct order to attack specific targets.
The gods of Olympus, all share similarities with the War Of Clans and its clones, a fun strategy game that manages to offer some interesting details. Graphics – attached screen †is clear,“ is also excellent.

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