Gods – Deluxe Gods – Deluxe

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Hercules on his search for immortality!

Version: 0.8
Licence: Free
Publisher: JOTD

Game screenshots:

Gods – Deluxe
Gods – Deluxe
Gods – Deluxe

Gods – Deluxe description:

Gods – Deluxe in search of Immortality where you control Hercules on an epic adventure and platform action puzzle game.
Some players as you know, this deluxe classic Game Of Gods The Gods, in 1990, developed by Bitmap Brothers version. The game were almost identical to the original.
Two-dimensional in order to advance through the levels, solve puzzles and face tons of enemies. In fact, a muscular half-controlled by God, even though moving his arms and the bad guys you need to be prepared to spend more time to solve the riddles of scrimmage.
This deluxe version of the game includes various levels to test the mettle more than twenty levels total.
Gods – Deluxe by adding some interesting new elements, including a full level editor sticks to the essence of the original game platforms, is a perfect combination of action and puzzle.

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