Go Ollie! Go Ollie!

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Guide Ollie in this funny and different platform game!

Version: 0.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Charlie Dog Games

Game screenshots:

Go Ollie!
Go Ollie!
Go Ollie!

Go Ollie! description:

Go Ollie! longer as you move to higher levels the enemy will become, on a mission to pass through different levels avoiding all the ability you’ll have to use a free platform game.
The story of go Ollie! find Ollie who dream to spend the rest of your life with a beautiful lady worm funny worm, a worm that finds in the Woods is visited by a fairy who tells Ollie begins when one is immersed in a dangerous adventure you need our little friend to guide him.
Two game modes: three with over 60 different objectives at the individual level, for each i>and unlimited re-i> Fast And Furious action game Story Mode </playability and high score table.
A platform game, though, does not use the keyboard, instead of the worm to the worm for him to continue on the path you will need to click where you want to jump.
If you like platform games Free provides hours of fun for Ollie to go, it is a very good idea plays.

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