Go Go Gourmet Go Go Gourmet

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Become the chef of your own restaurant!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Reflexive® Entertainment Inc.

Game screenshots:

Go Go Gourmet

Go Go Gourmet description:

cake mania and adds a new twist or two like a href=”https://diner-dash-3-flo-on-the-go.en.uptodown.com/”>Diner Dash <a game that is similar to other games Gourmet Go.
Ginger, the protagonist of the game, inherits his grandfather’s old restaurant and decides to renovate the place and make it most famous.
To do this, learning to prepare new recipes while serving customers who demand slowly. Naturally, the game advances as you level up, cooking and even more demanding customers, excellent reflexes, speed and memory that require becomes more difficult. Each time you gain a new level until then with the money earned, you have a chance to fix space.
Since each food item and shows the name of the game with a drawing, Gourmet English practice, or if you’re trying to use to work with English language learners it may be a good game.

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